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To the Rescue

I am offering a series of prints that support animal rescue. 20% of sales go directly to the foundation of my choice. I welcome your preferences as well. Limited editions of 325 are signed and numbered, printed on high quality MOAB Entrada Bright 300gm paper using Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Pigmented Archival Inks, and priced at $125.00 each.

This is my Dream. I hope you will join me.

Small Potatoes Printing Company

I like my paintings to speak for themselves but the potato Prints really demand an explanation.

A few years ago when I needed to reinvent myself, I cut a potato in half, carved mindlessly on the inside of one half, slapped on some paint and pressed it down hard on an expensive sheet of Arches 300lb. weight watercolor paper. The results blew my mind!

You can see for yourself at this point. This process is an indulgence both exhilarating and surprising. I really never know what is going to surface. Sometimes I will carve into the potato half with a preconceived idea in my mind. Either way it's pretty much an out-of-body experience.


First Peoples
First Nations and the Horses

I am best known for my watercolor impressions of the Native Americans and their horses. Cherokee heritage is handed down from my father and grandmother.

The First Peoples, First Nations of The New World hold the treasures of knowledge experienced through living intimately with this land and the animals long before us.

Come with respect and an open heart to this world.